About us

RUMA serves its clients as a trusted partner in real estate projects. Working as an integrated construction project team member, we do things differently: in order to bring value to client, we participate in the project from its planning phase.

Services of RUMA are based on Lean Construction and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) principles.

IPD brings together Developer, Architect and General Contractor to achieve common goal: to construct optimaly designed building at real low cost, reduced waste, increased quality and on time.

An IPD concept is to allign design with the construction budget by chosing the right components, materials and technologies. We do also involve end users, suppliers, subcontractors at the start of planning process to prevent mistakes and choose the right decisions for each construction area. By sitting together we can explore several options of design solutions and make our decissions value based, not solely on a (lowest) cost basis.

The outcome of IPD team work is to design, build and operate as efficient as possible. Integrated delivery strengthens project team‘s understanding of the Developer’s desired outcome, thus improving team‘s ability to control budget costs and increase likelihood of achieving project goals, including schedule, quality and after construction building maintenance.

Architects also benefit from early contribution of REMCO during design phase. Construction cost estimates reflecting design decisions makes it easier to plan everything in an efficient manner. Pre-construction resolution of design-related issues helps avoid redesign during construction and delays respectively.

The real construction cost is not the lowest price of inefficient design, but lowest real construction cost based on optimal design!